How leasing with CSI enabled a manufacturer to benefit from simple documentation and competitive terms

“As a company our policy has been to lease our PCs for a number of years. Having had both good and bad experiences we know how choosing the wrong company can prove both time consuming and cause unnecessary hassle.

We were first approached by CSI in early 2006 and at the time the main reasons we chose to do business with them were mainly due to the speed of proposal/decision and the competitive terms offered.

As per our company policy, we reviewed the arrangement after our first year and decided to continue to work with CSI. The main reasons for this are as follows:

  1. Speed of decisions
  2. Competitive terms
  3. Ease of documentation
  4. Efficiency of administration, hassle-free factor

Importantly, we still feel like a hard-earned customer, which is a refreshing change from dealing with many companies where this can be quickly forgotten.

We hope that CSI can continue to provide the same level of service to which we have now become accustomed!”

– IT Manager, manufacturing company in East Anglia