Companies Count on CSI Leasing’s Tech Refresh Solution

April 14, 2011

Large companies that need to update technology but do not want to increase their costs by purchasing assets can count on CSI Leasing’s Tech Refresh solution.

According to Rodrigo Luz, Vendor Program Manager at CSI Leasing, “Our Tech Refresh solution allows customers to renew technology equipment through operating leases. This type of leasing is suitable for companies that do not want to invest capital in the purchase of equipment.”

With Tech Refresh, the company uses the equipment for a period of time, usually 36 months. After this period, the customer may return it to the lessor, extend the term of the contract or write a new lease contract with new equipment.

“This is a different approach to business that provides quick access to advanced equipment without having to purchase assets,” says Luz. “Our intention is to help companies have current technology in place at the lowest cost possible, while ensuring operational availability, business productivity and competitiveness.”

CSI’s Tech Refresh solution fits the equipment life and not the accounting life. “Therefore, it is not necessary to wait for accounting amortization of the asset prior to refreshing the technology,” says Luz.

The renewal of technology equipment through the Tech Refresh solution also helps improve financial metrics such as ROA (return on assets) and reduce the operational costs related to ownership of assets