CSI Leasing Green Solution Encourages the Reuse of IT Equipment to Minimize Environmental Impacts

February 16, 2011

A few decades ago, concern and care for the environment began to steer the decisions and directives of environmentally responsible companies. These corporations became increasingly aware that their management practices can affect the environment, therefore they incorporated procedures consistent with this trend.

Based on this approach, CSI Leasing, one of the largest independent leasing companies specializing in technology equipment, developed solutions that enable companies to maintain an updated and protected IT platform without environmental impact.

One of these solutions is called Trade In, where CSI Leasing purchases used IT equipment and either properly disposes of it or sells it to smaller companies. “There is a big secondary market for this equipment in Brazil, particularly among companies from the north and northeast,” said Ricardo Abdalla, CSI Leasing Trade In manager.

All data on equipment for Trade In solutions is deleted from hard drives. CSI then issues a certificate, by serial number, confirming the deletion of data.

This data wiping is performed using Blancco software, which uses the seven layer erasure sanitization technique, disabling any data stored in the equipment and ensuring that it can no longer be retrieved. Today, the best data recovery programs can reach the fourth layer of security, but none surpasses the seven layers.

Besides hard drive sanitization, every machine received by CSI is processed to eliminate any possibility of identification of the previous owner of the equipment.

CSI Leasing is also responsible for packing and removal of equipment and ships it to the Processing Equipment Computer Center, at Garantia Informática, a strategic alliance that treats equipment for reuse.

“Our major focus is to promote equipment reuse, since this is considered more environmentally friendly and less expensive. However, if the equipment cannot be reused, we dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way,” says Abdalla.

According to Law 13.576/09, recycling, management and disposal of e-waste has become a legal requirement in the State of São Paulo, under the responsibility of manufacturers, importers and traders.