Operating Leases Help Decrease Operating Costs for Businesses

June 28, 2011

CSI Leasing, one of the largest independent technology equipment leasing companies, knows that one of the biggest challenges during technology refresh is disposal, which usually generates great concern and high costs for companies.

To solve this and other problems associated with obsolete technology, CSI Leasing has a service model that includes all the logistics associated with IT disposal after it is no longer in use.

According to Ricardo Abdalla, remarketing manager at CSI Leasing, CSI has an advanced technique to erase the hard drives of computers, printers and other equipment in order to prevent the misuse of their customer’s confidential data.

“Our intention is to help technology departments maintain upgraded equipment as well as help the finance department avoid investments in constant updates. These two advantages increase efficiency and financial health of the company,” says Abdalla. “With the fast advances, IT equipment is subject to a high level of obsolescence. Therefore, it does not makes sense to sacrifice capital for new equipment since it is fully depreciated after five years. It is much more profitable to invest in an operating lease.”

The operating lease allows technology equipment refreshes without actual acquisition. With this type of leasing, the company uses the equipment for a specified time, and then either returns it to the lessor, extends the lease term or leases new equipment, ensuring the productivity and competitiveness of your business, without directly expending your resources on the assets.

The used equipment returned to CSI Leasing that cannot be resold is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way in compliance with laws and regulations.